This is where things will go.

MAY 23rd, 2008 by RYAN

This is where future news and content will be!

What sort of news and content you ask?

Probably whatever I find on the internet in my daily scavenging, as I'm sure there are those out there that do not find as much joy as I in wading through the garbage to find the gold and jewels of the net. I will also be putting up whatever music, writing, and crazy ideas I may come up with along my adventures.

Long story short, this is my shameless attempt to get famous on the intertubes. Hopefully I will also find some strange sort of catharsis in this endeavor.

Also, expect this website to be evolving frequently. It will start out simple - I didn't even create my own template or write my own CSS! - but I have a tendency to pour time into perfecting things until they are optimized. Hopefully, I'll be able to sharpen my web design skills.