Site Updates

MAY 24th, 2008 by RYAN

Major changes to the website today! Most notable among them:

  • Name of site changed

The original name, "the Exception to Entropy" was something cool sounding that acronymed to tExtE. In truth, it's something I pulled out of my ass in the moment so that I would have something to roll with. The new name of the site, "Ryan's Eponymous Website," is nearly as bad. It sounds like the sort of cheesy-yet-sophisticated pun you would see in The New Yorker. However, it's better and it will remain until I come up with something better.

Not wanting to subject myself to the potential horrors that accompany publishing one's private e-mail address, I have registered a new GMail account for the purpose of this website. It may never see any use. Let us hope that it does!

  • Creative Commons 3.0

Since I will be publishing things to this website, I decided I might as well make it official. All content and works found on this website are now licensed to me, Ryan Isbell, under Creative Commons 3.0 BY-NC-SA. What does that mean? Check out the license page.
On a related note...

  • Song published to the music page!

The song being the first thing I managed to crank out of my new Korg MIDI controller. Go have a listen and tell me what you think.