Back from the dead

JUNE 15th, 2008 by RYAN

Despite not having any idea how to manage archives, I have activated the site's Archives page. You may notice that several of my older posts have disappeared from this main page. The elite among you will eventually figure out where they have gone.

Although this site is currently only viewed by friends & family, I still feel as though I should explain my three week absence. Because this site is currently viewed by friends & family, I will go into more detail than I typically would provide an internet audience!

  • Week One

Spent trying to figure out how to create a modular PHP website, organize archives, and set up working feedback forms. I vowed not to update the website until I could get at least some of these things working. I'm still working on most of it. I still plan to update and manage the website solely through notepad until I get a solid grip on how everything works.

  • Week Two

Fender bender. More specifically, rear-quarter bender. Spent a lot of time at the houses of friends while the car was being worked on. Managed to get my car hit by a very nice guy who helped me out all the way, and now my car is as good as it ever was (whatever that means).

  • Week Three

Ninja Gaiden 2 and Metal Gear Solid 4. I predict that each of these may consume yet more of my productivity. I've always wanted an excuse to publish my personal thoughts and reviews of games, so expect for something along those lines to be posted up soon.

Hopefully this marks my return to reasonably frequent posts and updates, so look for more soon!