Behold, Interactivity!

JUNE 29th, 2008 by RYAN

This marks the beginning of a new era for the Eponymous Website. Comments and RSS!

The comment system SHOULD be working, I tested it the best that I could, but only you can really determine whether I have it set up properly or not. Try using it, try breaking it, and I'll try keeping it up and running. I will read all of my comments, and although there are no rules or anti-spam features in place yet, I'll be adding those as they become necessary. I can do wordfilters too, which is always fun. But maybe I should make sure the basics work before I start trying to show off.

The RSS feed is also up. What is an RSS feed? Well, you get an RSS program that suits you and put in the URL of the feed you are interested in. As the feed is updated (alongside the site, hopefully) you will be instantly notified! I was never a big user of RSS feeds - generally if I have time to look at my favorite websites, I am looking at them - but hopefully someone around here will appreciate it. If nothing else, it's one of the major steps forward for a website. Through RSS, I could syndicate this site and try to recruit some readers. I think I'll wait a while on that, though.

Just like with the comments, if you are interested in the RSS feed please try it. Use it, break it, mishandle it, and let me know what happens.

It bears mentioning again: DIABLO 3 ANNOUNCED! Read my earlier post in the archives if you missed it.