What is a Zode?

JULY 3rd, 2008 by RYAN

I feel like I don't have very much to offer with this update, but in keeping with my spirit of trying to update at least weekly, I have found some things to keep you entertained. This should also provide for a good time to make sure the RSS feed works.

I know I haven't offered much in the way of music lately, but that is because I recently customized my guitar for heavy metal and have been practicing it. The strings are heavier, tighter, lifted higher off the neck of the instrument, and are just difficult in general to work with. But such is the price of sounding AWESOME! My soundcard, as it turns out, isn't a really high quality piece of digital recording hardware either. So don't expect studio quality music even if I decide to record my guitar playing.

Here is your entertainment: A conversation with the legendary Zode. We make for an interesting duo. Some parts of the conversation have been edited for your own protection.

Again, let me know if anything on the website isn't absolutely perfect. I'm editing things with Dreamweaver now, but I pretty much just go straight into the code without bothering with the WYSIWYG side of things. In other words, I'm still highly prone to misspelling URLs and such.