Waltzing to Procrastinate

JULY 13th, 2008 by RYAN

More musical content for your ears: Phantom Waltz - another video game inspired song, but this time not sounding so 8-bit. Actually, I improved my .mp3 encoding, so this and all future music should sound a little better in terms of quality. Maybe I'm the only one who can hear it, but I don't care, you're getting it anyway. While I'm on the topic of music, it struck me that some might be curious about what sort of music I have been listening to lately. There you go.

I still haven't settled on a domain name. As soon as I do, I plan on attempting to explode the website into the public eye, so maybe I'm unconsciously stalling. If the site really does go public, I'll probably have to make some attempt to create a secure log-in system for the comments. Anyway, I haven't decided what direction to take with the name.

If I take off with the music, a "cool" sounding name would be preferred. BlackVulture! LucidShadow! ChaosStudios! Neat names for music studios or album labels, but they overextend and fall flat for a standard blog website. I have a tendency to use big words and terrible oxymorons when it comes to this stuff, which may be a bad thing. IronicallyPredictable! PerfectlyFlawed! That sort of thing.

As Wood suggested, I could take the short & offensive route for the internet market. I have no problem with that, but I generally have trouble drawing the line for offensive and fear driving away a potential audience. DickButt.com! MinorityHater.org! VernTroyer.net! I also apparently don't have any good ideas for this sort of name. (As if LucidShadow isn't already incredibly sophomoric)

Then there is my favorite approach, the nonsense name that is memorable and sounds good. Sites like XKCD and Twitter pull it off well, but I have to think of something that sounds good and subliminally describes the site. I've been talking about naming this damn thing for a long time, maybe I should just hurry up and do it, eh?