JULY 13th, 2008 by RYAN

I have named the site! The old URL, ryan.isbell-family.com, will continue to work for the time being, but the official domain name is now DREADGOAT.com! I find the name to be scary enough to be cool, but whimsical and ridiculous enough to be non-threatening. Faux horror combined with not-so-faux humor is the goal. I think that DreadGoat hits that goal pretty well. It's short and memorable to boot! Databases, contact info, and other such things will be updated soon to match the new name. Hopefully you won't even notice the shift.

As for the new injection of color, it's just a trial run. Shades of grey is nice, but rather boring, and I needed something to really give the Billy of Doom some extra kick. Any criticisms of the new color scheme and its distribution are welcome, as I will probably be changing it from time to time until I'm happy with it anyway.

While there are plenty of very interesting things floating around since my last posting, such as E3 and The Dark Knight (which I saw at midnight release), I don't really have much commentary for them right now. I may update this post with my thoughts soon, but I must be cautious not to reveal too much.