Hours of Entertainment

JULY 22th, 2008 by RYAN

You may notice a couple of new things. I'm trying to keep it tasteful yet functional. Let me know if you have any complaints or suggestions.

Chi's Sweet Home - Just watch it. All two hours of it. It's fantastic. Couple my excitement over this show with my excitement with the upcoming Amon Amarth / Belphegor / Ensiferum concert, and you'll have some idea of what is wrong with me.

Asshole Mario - There was a period of time when creating custom Super Mario games was very popular. This is the result of one sadistic Japanese guy trying to make the most horrible Super Mario World levels imaginable. It's pretty fun to watch, and fun to play if you are into that sort of thing. If you want, here are the files for the hack and the instructions on how to get them running. It's a little complicated, but if you can't figure it out, you probably wouldn't get very far into the game anyway. If you are impatient, here is the final level of sequel; to see just how difficult it really gets.

I will soon be making this site searchable on major search engines. This means there will potentially be some real traffic, and that brings a couple of things to the table. First of all, I might have to change the comments system to keep spambots and trolls at bay. It also means that anything can happen, for such is the nature of the internet. You have been warned.