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JULY 28th, 2008 by RYAN

Rikaichan - My Japanese reading skills will soon increase. This is not a tool for someone just starting to learn the language, but it is EXACTLY what I need to get past the block that I am currently facing. Don't know a kanji? Don't understand a loanword? Mouse over any Japanese text on any page, and this Firefox extension will provide you with a pronounciation (in kana; great practice) and all possible meanings. Japanese forums and newspapers, here I come!

I was watching the Season 2 marathon of Heroes the other day, and that got me thinking about REAL heroes. I think I may someday compile a collection of real life heroes, starting with some stories like these:

And just to make this post even more scattered, and because I am too lazy to create anything of my own at the moment, here is a link to XKCD. The comics are nice, but I personally go for the logic puzzles and language practice in the forums. While I'm at it, why not some bears?