What is a Zode?: The Reckoning

AUGUST 3rd, 2008 by RYAN

A discussion about health, futuristic cars, the history of the web, and strange things in general: It's What is a Zode? II
Don't forget to check out zode's page at www.zode.org! I'm sure he will return the favor and link back to me. *WINK WINK*

I haven't invested as much time into music, writing, or site improvement because I've been immersing myself into my old hobby of language study. Between Rikaichan, XKCD's practice forums, and other such things, I've been surprisingly busy. I promise a block of text by the end of this week covering one or more of the following: Suggested Books & Shows, Politics, Journalistic Criticism, and/or Fictional Literature. Be excited.