Intergalactic Immaturity

OCTOBER 28th, 2008 by RYAN

I really like sci-fi stories.

They're Made Out of Meat - Written by Terry Bisson in 1991. This very popular story has been staged many times (Youtube it) and provides a hilarious yet insightful look at what might be our role in the vast cosmos. I can't say much more than that without spoiling it, but it only takes a few minutes to read through, so just read through it.

The Last Question - Written by the famed Isaac Asimov in 1956. This longer story presents a multitude of potential futures for mankind, but always with the same final extinction. The story still holds up very well in 2008, and the energy crisis aspect of the story is perhaps even more relevant now than it was when Asimov wrote it. I also personally like this story a lot because it doesn't fall into the "Malevolent Supercomputer" cliché that most modern sci-fi stories constantly use. It shows quite the opposite, especially by the end.

I've also updated and reorganized my collection of random pictures from the internet. I added a NSFW section. In case you don't know, NSFW is short for Not Safe For Work, meaning it is lewd, crude, risque, vulgar, Rated X, or worse. Then again, if you are prone to offense, you probably don't get along very well with me and wouldn't be visiting my site anyway. Enjoy.