More Music, More Games, and Broken Promises

JUNE 25th, 2008 by RYAN

In reverse order:
Political revelations... Nevermind. I'm officially breaking that promise. I lost whatever it was I had written up and simultaneously lost interest. The short & short of it was a summary how people all over America have different political outlooks, but these seemingly very different politics are in reality just different paths towards the same goal. I would describe this goal as a Place Where Everyone Can Be Happy. The problem being that no one knows what makes other people happy, and very often there is a flagrant disrespect or deliberate ignornace of what different cultures need in a society in order to feel comfortable. I backed up this argument with the various and colorful political orientations I have been exposed to in my travels. Enough about that.

To follow my defense of the artistic merit of Metal Gear Solid 4, I have reached a hasty verdict for Metal Gear Online (which comes packaged with the aforementioned). MGO is.. free with the purchase of MGS4! That's the nicest way to describe it. The Playstation servers are subject to frequent crashes, which is coupled with the inevitable crashes you get when players are hosting the actual game servers. If you can actually manage to get into a decent server, chances are there are no decent players. It's really no fault of the players, they are only doing what works best with the system the game presents, but it still just feels wrong to have players running with assault rifles and holding down the trigger while pointing the barrel in the general direction of their opponent's ever-conspicuous skull. I mean, the game has "Metal Gear" in the title. The entire series is about tactical stealth at best, tactical combat at worst. If you are really lucky you will get into a game with a few people who can pull off the tactical combat. Stealth is an absolute non-factor. When someone kills you, the camera shows you where they are. That sniper you never saw, the one who so skillfully bested you with his knowledge of positioning and careful aim, the one you should now be fearing every time you proceed through that area again... well, the game just showed you exactly where he was hiding. So now you can grab a shotgun and effortlessly dispatch him while he fruitlessly tries to maneuver his awkward Dragunov rifle in close range. The game also starts you at level one in all "skills" and provides a Call of Duty 4 inspired level up system. You level up by essentially playing for horribly long periods of time. The time between level ups does provide for a lot of potential online time spent leveling up your skills, but the progress is much too slow to provide appropriate intervals of reward. There is nothing inherently wrong with having such a level up system, and Call of Duty 4 did it wonderfully, but in many cases the game actually strips you of abilities you took for granted in the single player game. Upon creating a character in MGO, you must select 4 skills to start with. If one of them is NOT Close Quarters Combat, don't expect to be able to do anything other than throw a couple of weak punches when someone gets in your face. Even if you do take the ability, at level one all you can really do is throw people down or try to choke them out. In the single player game throwing someone to the ground knocks them out instantly. A level one character in MGO throws an opponent down to no effect, unless you (for some reason) WANT help your opponent drop prone, stabilizing his aim, making him a harder target to hit, and leaving yourself wide open to his ensuing hail of gunfire. The game seems to be actively discouraging stealth and clever tactics. Even when you sneak up behind someone, if he has the bigger gun, you are probably going to die. At least they don't charge you anything to play!

I added a song. I'm not entirely happy with it. However, part of the purpose of this website is to force me to somewhat regularly produce something. The song is of decent length and it gets my point across. Hopefully someone out there is less critical of me than me. It's inspired by NES video game music, particularly Mega Man, and thus it is titled Robot Master. At the same time, I have changed the backend structure of the Productions section of the website, so please let me know if anything has suddenly stopped working appropriately.

As you can see, I made the site logo. It is subject to change but for now I like it. I didn't plan on anything really, I didn't have a particulary image in mind, I just started toying with Photoshop and this logo is what appeared before me. I like it. I hope you do, too.

Next time on Eponymous - RSS and Feedback systems if I can figure out how to get them to work. I might upload another song if the first two items are easier than expected.

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