Ninja Gaiden 2

It's kind of like a 3D and easier version of I Wanna Be The Guy, except you are a ninja. In truth, it's a lot of fun and I enjoyed most of the game. Many reviewers have criticized the game for being exactly like the first, only with more weapons and enemies. That statement is completely true, the game is exactly like the first with more weapons and enemies. However, I don't understand how that is a criticism. If they were going to truly innovate and create some revolutionary system of mechanics, they probably wouldn't have just called it Ninja Gaiden 2. They probably would have called it Completely Different Ninja Game. If you like the prospect of running around at blazing fast speeds saving the world from demons, ninja, and demon ninja, then Ninja Gaiden (Original and sequel!) is perfect for you. The high level of difficulty adds to the feeling of being an elite ninja fighter, unless you aren't privy to challenges, in which case it only adds to the feeling of helplessness and despair. Definitely a game targeted towards a specific demographic, one that I am proudly part of. Everyone else who is part of that demographic should feel sad if they do not play Ninja Gaiden.