My reviews are almost always positive. If it's not good, it's not worth my time to write about. So if you are lazy, you could just look at this as a list of things you should try out! Of course, I would be happier and have a bigger ego if you read them anyway.

Mega Man meets Metroid, and it's awesome. Unbelievable level of polish considering that it is a freeware game that was made by a single man.

Half-life 2 Total Conversion mod that does an excellent job of capturing the middle east urban warfare vibe. While it's not specifically a realism mod, there is a stress on removing the "gamey" elements and forcing the player to have some situational awareness.

An extraordinarily difficult platformer. If you are fond of platformers and extraordinary challenge, then you will love this game. It also has great detail and polish for a freeware game, much like Cave Story.

It's MGS4. You don't know what that is? What are you doing here?

A unique and very fun western RPG that is completely freeform. There isn't a main story, there is nothing you are expected to do. Amass wealth, amass an army, create a reputation, become a warrior, become a mercenary, become a bandit, slay the weak, protect the weak, do whatever you feel like!

Fast, difficult, fun. Dismember the evil ninja and demons, save the girl, save the world, look totally badass the whole time. Big shiny blades, massive amounts of blood and gore, and every woman has a physically impossible figure. It's pretty much a perfect world.