Session Start (Ryan:Zode): Wed Jul 02 08:40:53 2008
[08:40] Zode:

[08:41] Ryan: I AM THE GUY
[08:41] Ryan: AHHHHHHHHHHH
[08:41] Ryan: I DDI IT
[08:41] Ryan: I KILLED HIM
[08:41] Ryan: I AM THE GUY
[08:41] Ryan: IT WAS SO HARD

[08:41] Zode: LOL
[08:41] Zode: you are the guy!
[08:41] Zode:

[08:41] Ryan: from now on
[08:42] Ryan: any time someone compliments me
[08:42] Ryan: and says "You are the man!"
[08:42] Ryan: or "you are the bomb!"
[08:42] Ryan: I will correc tthem
[08:42] Ryan: and say
[08:42] Ryan: "NO! I AM THE GUY! I EARNED IT!"

[08:42] Zode: Well.
[08:42] Zode: You are the guy with the PINK BOW in his hair.
[08:42] Zode: :S

[08:42] Ryan: lawl at macguyver
[08:42] Ryan: i haven't decided whether or not to go for the 6 secret items

[08:43] Zode: so
[08:43] Zode: maybe i should get with the times
[08:43] Zode: and buy a nintendo DS
[08:43] Zode:

[08:43] Ryan: WAT
[08:44] Ryan: new blizz MMO is old news
[08:44] Ryan: but i didn tknowa bout cronods

[08:44] Zode: Chrono Trigger DS

[08:44] Ryan: so there are your cheers and jeers!

[08:44] Zode: You know Ryan
[08:44] Zode: just exchanging the morning news
[08:44] Zode: like a couple of old timey Jews
[08:44] Zode: over cups of coffee
[08:44] Zode: only on internet

[08:44] Ryan: (i have mountain dew)
[08:44] Ryan: (not coffee)

[08:45] Zode: (I have... Gatorade in the work fridge i'm goign to grab)

[08:45] Ryan: i dont know why im up so early
[08:45] Ryan: i just woke up and felt very awake
[08:45] Ryan: if you want

[08:46] Zode: ok I grabbed
[08:46] Zode: yes I'm awake too

[08:46] Ryan: there is a 12 minute video of a guy playing I Wanna Be The Guy

[08:46] Zode: I'm very awake this morning

[08:46] Ryan: in a very horrible scene

[08:46] Zode: lol

[08:46] Ryan: and everything that happens to him

[08:46] Zode: email it to me

[08:46] Ryan: happened to me

[08:46] Zode: so i can get it later

[08:46] Ryan: Here is something
[08:46] Ryan: about I Wanna Be The Guy
[08:46] Ryan: there is a Quickman room
[08:46] Ryan: and it's one of the EASIEST rooms in the game
[08:46] Ryan: that's right
[08:46] Ryan: the Quickman challenge
[08:46] Ryan: is EASY
[08:47] Ryan: by comparison
[08:47] Ryan: i dont care about having a bow in my hair
[08:47] Ryan: I'll take my extra save points :O
[08:47] Ryan: hm
[08:47] Ryan: you probably shouldn't watch this video at work
[08:47] Ryan: the guy curses
[08:47] Ryan: quite a lot
[08:48] Ryan: but
[08:48] Ryan: I wanted too as well
[08:48] Ryan: but I'm not the type to talk to myself when im in a room by myself

[08:49] Zode: i save it til i get home

[08:49] Ryan: wow
[08:49] Ryan: video of someone fighting The Guy on VERY HARD
[08:49] Ryan: i wonder if it's different

[08:49] Zode: O_o

[08:52] Ryan: it's the same :/
[08:52] Ryan: only difference is on medium I guess
[08:52] Ryan: where he doesn't throw out the huge attack at the start
[08:52] Ryan: Things The Guy says during the fight
[08:53] Ryan: "GRAAAAAWWWW!!"
[08:53] Ryan: "YOU CAN'T ESCAPE!"
[08:53] Ryan: "NO! NOOOOO!"

[08:53] Zode: haha
[08:53] Zode: like i said
[08:54] Zode: it's easier
[08:54] Zode: on hard
[08:54] Zode: because ur not supposed to beat it on medium
[08:54] Zode: with a bow in your hair
[08:54] Zode: like a noooob

[08:54] Ryan: well
[08:54] Ryan: actually
[08:54] Ryan: its easier on medium
[08:54] Ryan: i was wrong about
[08:54] Ryan: invisible attack
[08:54] Ryan: what was actually happening
[08:54] Ryan: was that touching any part of his mouth damages you
[08:54] Ryan: and I didn't realize it
[08:54] Ryan: lol
[08:54] Ryan: damages
[08:55] Ryan: damages = kills

[08:55] Zode: danages to death

[08:56] Ryan: i need
[08:56] Ryan: a domain name for my website
[08:56] Ryan: what do you suggest
[08:56] Ryan: I have RSS Feed now
[08:56] Ryan: and a working comments system
[08:56] Ryan: it has blossomed into a woman
[08:56] Ryan: so now I need a domain name
[08:56] Ryan: for it to be real
[08:56] Ryan: but I don't want

[08:57] Zode: you can have that though
[08:57] Zode: it's available
[08:57] Zode: what about
[08:57] Zode:

[08:57] Ryan: lol

[08:57] Zode: or

[08:57] Ryan: i was thinkingsomething like

[08:57] Zode:

[08:57] Ryan: Tower of Terror
[08:57] Ryan: or Cave of Wonder

[08:57] Zode: tower of terror
[08:57] Zode: refers to
[08:57] Zode: 9/11

[08:57] Ryan: lol
[08:58] Ryan: it's a ride at Disney

[08:58] Zode: too bad

[08:58] Ryan: well

[08:58] Zode:

[08:58] Ryan: ROFL

[08:58] Zode: is taken
[08:58] Zode: LOL

[08:58] Ryan: I already set my email for the website as Ryaepon@gmail
[08:58] Ryan: so I wanted something that would make sense with that nam

[08:58] Zode: no
[08:58] Zode: terrible name
[08:58] Zode: worse then Ryan
[08:58] Zode: mmm
[08:58] Zode: lemme think

[08:58] Ryan: but now i just want something that will sound cool

[08:59] Zode: i'm good at naminges..
[08:59] Zode: OMG
[08:59] Zode: OMG
[08:59] Zode: NOT TAKEN:
[08:59] Zode:
[08:59] Zode:
[08:59] Zode: it's a portmanteau of Ryan and Noob

[09:00] Ryan: Yes. Yes it is.
[09:00] Ryan: Portmanteau
[09:00] Ryan: Thaumaturgy
[09:00] Ryan: I recently used the word "pejorative" in a conversation.

[09:00] Zode: LOL.
[09:00] Zode: Yeah, I was thinking about that too.
[09:00] Zode: That's why you were valedictorian.
[09:01] Zode: And that's why I'm esoteric AND eccentric.

[09:01] Ryan: that's why you were homeschooled!

[09:01] Zode: Aye.

[09:01] Ryan: and eclectic!

[09:01] Zode: AND ECLECTIC

[09:01] Ryan: how old were you
[09:01] Ryan: when you started college?
[09:01] Ryan: 16 or 17?

[09:01] Zode: 16

[09:01] Ryan: a college offered to enroll me when I was 16

[09:01] Zode: Oh, and don't forget quixotic and ecclesiastical!

[09:01] Ryan: but only if I locked into a pre-determined mathematics major
[09:01] Ryan: and I was like "lol no thanks"

[09:02] Zode: aww
[09:02] Zode: haha.

[09:02] Ryan: "sorry i want to have sex some day"

[09:02] Zode: What’s your credit score?
The U.S. Average is 692. See your 2008 report and score now for $0!
[09:02] Zode: For $0.

[09:02] Ryan: "the 16 year old math dougie howser at college in Dallas probably doesn't get many girls"

[09:02] Zode: LOL
[09:02] Zode: or TONS
[09:02] Zode: O_o

[09:02] Ryan: 0_o

[09:02] Zode: but I'm not sure which...
[09:02] Zode: and you did some day
[09:03] Zode: with a girl you met
[09:03] Zode: CROSS
[09:03] Zode: FUCKING
[09:03] Zode: FACTION
[09:03] Zode: ROFLMAO

[09:03] Ryan: OSHIT
[09:03] Ryan: we're going to texas
[09:03] Ryan: in a month

[09:03] Zode: Zero Divide.
[09:03] Zode: To meat the relatives eh?

[09:03] Ryan: indeed

[09:03] Zode: Nice

[09:03] Ryan: jess keeps saying we should go see you guys

[09:03] Zode: so when are you getting engaged

[09:03] Ryan: but every time something comes up

[09:04] Zode: yeah

[09:04] Ryan: i dunno

[09:05] Zode: maybe
[09:05] Zode: when Cumby comes over
[09:05] Zode: we can all hango ut
[09:05] Zode: haha
[09:07] Zode: geez
[09:07] Zode: it strikes me as a tragedy
[09:07] Zode: that
[09:07] Zode:
[09:07] Zode: and
[09:07] Zode: just have placeholders
[09:07] Zode: and not actual websites
[09:07] Zode: damn squatters...

[09:09] Ryan: i dont even nkow what to go for
[09:09] Ryan: Funny Name?
[09:09] Ryan: Memorable name?
[09:09] Ryan: Cool name?
[09:09] Ryan: Descriptive name?

[09:10] Zode: multiple
[09:10] Zode:
[09:10] Zode: memorable, cool.
[09:10] Zode: funny, memorable, descriptive

[09:10] Ryan: mylittlekobold
[09:10] Ryan: is a fantastic name
[09:10] Ryan: ePonyMouse is available
[09:11] Ryan: did you hear

[09:11] Zode: i like ePonyMouse

[09:11] Ryan: that student loan interest rates were cut this week?

[09:11] Zode: *rolls eyes gently*
[09:11] Zode: i want to get a student loan
[09:11] Zode: and just spend the money
[09:11] Zode: on not going to school
[09:11] Zode: spend it on BEING RICH

[09:11] Ryan: :O

[09:12] Zode: since i can go2school
[09:12] Zode: fah free
[09:12] Zode: through mah work

[09:12] Ryan: i got an email from a place
[09:12] Ryan: that found my (ancient) account
[09:12] Ryan: and wanted to interview me to be an HR Director
[09:12] Ryan: for like 50k a year
[09:12] Ryan: I thought about it.

[09:12] Zode: LOL
[09:12] Zode: i got an email

[09:12] Ryan: "Hey, you seem like a jerk. I bet you could do HR."

[09:12] Zode: from those scammers
[09:13] Zode: who want me to take payments
[09:13] Zode: and send 90% of it on

[09:13] Ryan: what about the russian smugglers

[09:13] Zode: "You too can be a money launderer and accept illegal payments!"

[09:13] Ryan: who just want you to re-mail stuff out!

[09:13] Zode: yeah
[09:13] Zode: illegal goods
[09:13] Zode: that were purcahsed from ebay or whatever
[09:13] Zode: with stolen CC's
[09:13] Zode: reship to nigeria
[09:13] Zode: lol
[09:13] Zode: and of course it's either a forged check
[09:13] Zode: or stolen funds
[09:13] Zode: to your account
[09:13] Zode: but part of me thinks
[09:13] Zode: 1. get fake id
[09:14] Zode: 2. make fake bank account
[09:14] Zode: 3. accept payments
[09:14] Zode: 4. don't send on any of the money to nigeria
[09:14] Zode: 5 ?????
[09:14] Zode: 6. PROFIT

[09:14] Ryan: lool
[09:14] Ryan: i used to dislike Arch Enemy
[09:15] Ryan: but I got their discography the other day
[09:15] Ryan: and their last two albums are great
[09:15] Ryan: and a few select older songs are great oo
[09:16] Ryan: also
[09:16] Ryan: i got heavy gauge guitar strings
[09:16] Ryan: and have my guitar tuned way down now

[09:16] Zode: discography.. nice

[09:16] Ryan: and just play metal

[09:16] Zode: i wish i had the latest 2 albums

[09:16] Ryan: thaumaturgy

[09:16] Zode: i like

[09:16] Ryan: I learned a word today

[09:16] Zode: too bad its taken

[09:17] Ryan: Autonym
[09:17] Ryan: It is a word that describes itself
[09:17] Ryan: such as "word"
[09:17] Ryan: and "polysyllabic"
[09:17] Ryan: and "noun"

[09:17] Zode: ooooh
[09:17] Zode: thats cool
[09:17] Zode: like if i loudly at the top of my lungs yell the word: Scream

[09:17] Ryan: yes
[09:18] Ryan: your own name is also considered an autonym for some reason

[09:18] Zode: O_O

[09:18] Ryan: although i guess i can see the logic of that

[09:18] Zode: mind being boggled
[09:18] Zode: processing..

[09:18] Ryan: maybe instead of Eponymous
[09:18] Ryan: I could do
[09:18] Ryan: AUTONYMOUS

[09:18] Zode: / 0

[09:18] Ryan: which is also

[09:18] Zode:

[09:18] Ryan: a HOMOPHONe
[09:18] Ryan: LOL
[09:18] Ryan: with Autonomous
[09:18] Ryan: autonymous

[09:18] Zode:
[09:18] Zode:

[09:19] Ryan: decepticons

[09:19] Zode:
[09:19] Zode:

[09:19] Ryan: bigfrogs
[09:19] Ryan: lol
[09:19] Ryan: i would make
[09:19] Ryan: and leave the site as it is
[09:19] Ryan: people would wonder
[09:19] Ryan: where the frogs are

[09:19] Zode:
[09:20] Zode:
[09:20] Zode: get that url ^
[09:20] Zode: memorable
[09:20] Zode: and cool
[09:20] Zode:
[09:20] Zode: thats a good one too
[09:20] Zode: about swamps filled with huge insects
[09:20] Zode:
[09:21] Zode: lol
[09:21] Zode: links to TERMINIX
[09:22] Zode: get

[09:22] Ryan: rofl

[09:22] Zode:
[09:23] Zode: or better yet
[09:23] Zode:
[09:23] Zode: get it?

[09:23] Ryan: homoners insurance

[09:23] Zode:
[09:23] Zode: B to the OWNER
[09:23] Zode: BizOwner
[09:23] Zode: Browner
[09:24] Zode: dude
[09:24] Zode: honestly
[09:24] Zode: o
[09:24] Zode: i'd go with
[09:24] Zode: NOTSAFEFORHOME.COM is available!
[09:24] Zode: according to godaddy
[09:24] Zode: NSFH
[09:24] Zode: come on
[09:24] Zode: really catchy
[09:24] Zode: you know NSFW
[09:24] Zode: not safe for work
[09:24] Zode: can't visit at work
[09:24] Zode: what about a website
[09:24] Zode: thats not safe to visit
[09:24] Zode: in your OWN HOME

[09:24] Ryan: EVER

[09:24] Zode: in PRIVATE
[09:24] Zode: O_O
[09:24] Zode: NSFH - Not Safe For Home

[09:25] Ryan:
[09:25] Ryan: no one would want to go there.

[09:25] Zode: is that a real site?
[09:25] Zode: lol

[09:25] Ryan: im afraid to check :O

[09:25] Zode: ROFL

[09:26] Ryan: it's not taken
[09:26] Ryan: rofl
[09:26] Ryan: nobody wants that domain
[09:26] Ryan: hrm

[09:26] Zode: VIRUSINSTALLER.COM is available!
[09:26] Zode: dude
[09:26] Zode: i'm like

[09:26] Ryan: my favicon is still a MM energy tank

[09:26] Zode: seriosly tempted

[09:26] Ryan: i was thinking about

[09:26] Zode: I think I'm going to buy
[09:26] Zode:
[09:26] Zode: and maybe

[09:26] Ryan: registering (it's not taken)

[09:26] Zode: those are like really good URLs
[09:26] Zode: are you really?

[09:27] Ryan: imagine that domain

[09:27] Zode: thats long and hard to type in
[09:27] Zode: and easy to mess up

[09:27] Ryan: and the site is just a picture of that cat

[09:27] Zode: LOL
[09:27] Zode: that would be pretty epic win

[09:27] Ryan: you could put google ads on it
[09:27] Ryan: people would send it to their friends

[09:27] Zode: Ironically, one would have to be good with computer

[09:27] Ryan: it would get millions of hits

[09:27] Zode: to make it go there
[09:27] Zode: yeah
[09:27] Zode: thats a good idea
[09:27] Zode: actually
[09:27] Zode: put it on facebook

[09:27] Ryan: it wouldn't last though

[09:27] Zode: make it go VIRAL

[09:28] Ryan: it would be like the advice puppy
[09:28] Ryan: people would go once and then forget about it

[09:28] Zode: i liked STICKY
[09:28] Zode: the 4chan posting helper
[09:28] Zode: do you need help:
[09:28] Zode: trolling?
[09:28] Zode: lol

[09:28] Ryan: dickbutt

[09:29] Zode: ew
[09:29] Zode: wats that mean
[09:29] Zode: hmm
[09:29] Zode: i wonder dude
[09:29] Zode: what do you think about
[09:30] Zode: making
[09:30] Zode: just have a script on it or something
[09:30] Zode: that causes some visual distortion
[09:30] Zode: in the browser

[09:30] Ryan: that pops up 200 windows

[09:30] Zode: imagine how much that would distress
[09:30] Zode: a novice computer user

[09:30] Ryan: rofl yes

[09:30] Zode: and people would send their friends there

[09:30] Ryan: make it go to fullscreen

[09:30] Zode: yes

[09:30] Ryan: and then bluescreen picture

[09:30] Zode: LOL
[09:30] Zode: omg
[09:30] Zode: thats a great idea
[09:30] Zode: O_o
[09:30] Zode: pop up a full screen
[09:30] Zode: blue screen
[09:30] Zode: has that idea ever been done?
[09:31] Zode: i mean
[09:31] Zode: their would be a MOUSE
[09:31] Zode: you coudl alt tab
[09:31] Zode: or ctrl w
[09:31] Zode: but a NOVICE
[09:31] Zode: would be PWNED

[09:31] Ryan: actually
[09:31] Ryan: I found a site
[09:31] Ryan: that did it pretty well

[09:32] Zode: Oh.
[09:32] Zode: Ok.

[09:32] Ryan: searching...
[09:32] Ryan: searching...
[09:33] Ryan: i think it was a flash
[09:33] Ryan: and when flash goes fullscreen

[09:33] Zode: mmm
[09:34] Zode: part of me really wants to get

[09:34] Ryan: it says "Fullscreen Mode press Esc to exit"
[09:34] Ryan: but the guy foudn a way to hide that

[09:34] Zode:
[09:34] Zode: you were afraid to visit it

[09:34] Ryan: current auctions

[09:34] Zode: and you INVENTED lit
[09:34] Zode: LOL

[09:34] Ryan: $35,000
[09:34] Ryan: 36,000 EURO
[09:35] Ryan: 2,000 euro
[09:36] Ryan: problem with website
[09:36] Ryan: is now i'll have to make a new logo :(
[09:37] Ryan: i kinda liked the EPONYMOUS logo
[09:37] Ryan: even though it's a terribly punny name
[09:41] Ryan:
[09:42] Ryan: available
[09:42] Ryan: also pro-skub
[09:42] Ryan: and anti-skub
[09:43] Ryan: would I get in trouble with PBF for naming my website anti-skub?
[09:46] Ryan: is avilable

[09:47] Zode: what is skub
[09:47] Zode: what is PBF
[09:47] Zode: problem with that is
[09:47] Zode: grey vs gray
[09:47] Zode: :S

[09:47] Ryan: i know
[09:47] Ryan: i was joking
[09:47] Ryan: grey poupon is terrible
[09:47] Ryan:
[09:48] Ryan: SFW

[09:48] Zode: yeah
[09:48] Zode: i've seen all the comics on that site
[09:48] Zode: um
[09:48] Zode: what IS skub though
[09:48] Zode: it just seems like a little thing full of stuff

[09:48] Ryan: Skub
[09:48] Ryan: is great
[09:48] Ryan: it's awesome

[09:48] Zode: no its not
[09:49] Zode: it sucks
[09:49] Zode: idiot

[09:49] Ryan: wtf
[09:49] Ryan: it's great

[09:49] Zode: I HATE SKUB

[09:49] Ryan: how can you not see the countless applications of SKUB
[09:49] Ryan: I HATE YOU

[09:49] Zode: *laughs gently *
[09:49] Zode: we just acted

[09:49] Ryan: *covers smile*

[09:49] Zode: like autosyms

[09:49] Ryan: *follows suit*
[09:49] Ryan: *follows tie*
[09:50] Ryan: is taken.
[09:50] Ryan: I would've used

[09:50] Zode: well duh
[09:50] Zode: how about
[09:50] Zode:

[09:50] Ryan: that's gross

[09:50] Zode: ROFL
[09:50] Zode: it's so gross it's awesome, ne?

[09:50] Ryan: SOU DESU NE
[09:50] Ryan: i havne't practiced my german or japanese
[09:50] Ryan: i should do that
[09:51] Ryan: maybe i should register a .de domain
[09:51] Ryan: lulz

[09:51] Zode: haha
[09:51] Zode: Domo arigatu, sieg heil! Ich bin ein neko, ne? ^-^
[09:52] Zode: Fuhrer-Sama
[09:52] Zode: Panzer-Chan!

[09:52] Ryan: is not available

[09:52] Zode: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[09:52] Zode: how about
[09:52] Zode:
[09:52] Zode: yup
[09:52] Zode: haha
[09:53] Zode:
[09:53] Zode: commercial communications inc
[09:53] Zode: i should have known
[09:53] Zode: :P
[09:53] Zode:

[09:53] Ryan: i found a band
[09:53] Ryan: called Anterior
[09:53] Ryan: that you should check out
[09:53] Ryan: they are still underground

[09:53] Zode:
This domain is under construction.

[09:53] Ryan: they fall somewhere in between metal and screamo
[09:53] Ryan: and they are good

[09:53] Zode: wat band

[09:53] Ryan: and you like both metal and screamo
[09:53] Ryan: Anterior

[09:53] Zode: email me their purevoulme or mypace
[09:53] Zode: or hoever i can listen ot them
[09:53] Zode: Anteater
[09:53] Zode: got it

[09:55] Ryan: rofl

[09:56] Zode: so
[09:56] Zode: are you going to play blizzards 4th yet unnamed mmo

[09:56] Ryan: im not thinking about MMO's right now
[09:56] Ryan: i mean
[09:56] Ryan: i'm keeping an eye on them

[09:56] Zode: i'm gonna play it
[09:56] Zode: so hard

[09:57] Ryan: but im not going to get involved again until something really fantastic comes
[09:57] Ryan: if Warhammer does well
[09:57] Ryan: and it has the PVP it promises
[09:57] Ryan: then that will be cool
[09:57] Ryan: but im not holding my breath

[09:57] Zode: more like boringhammer, am I right?

[09:57] Ryan: WAAAAAAGH
[09:57] Ryan: warhammer lore
[09:57] Ryan: is 20x cooler than warcraft
[09:57] Ryan: so

[09:57] Zode: borehammer bore you mean?

[09:57] Ryan: even if it's a warcraft clone
[09:57] Ryan: it'll be better in lore

[09:58] Zode: my hair is so long
[09:58] Zode: I haven't cut it in monthes

[09:59] Ryan: it's probably still shorter than mine
[09:59] Ryan: and i cut mine to normal length

[09:59] Zode: yeah
[09:59] Zode: probabloy

[09:59] Ryan: but i look terrible with short hair
[09:59] Ryan: i need medium at shortest
[10:00] Ryan: is taken
[10:00] Ryan: have you seen the "OH R'LYEH?" image macro?
[10:01] Ryan:
[10:02] Ryan:
[10:03] Ryan:
[10:04] Ryan: these are fantastic
[10:07] Ryan:
[10:07] Ryan:
[10:12] Ryan: is taken. :(

[10:18] Zode:
[10:19] Zode:

[10:19] Ryan: but that's not a portmanteau!

[10:19] Zode:
[10:19] Zode: doesn't appear to exist
[10:19] Zode: whats the most famous word of all
[10:19] Zode: that has meta at the beginning

[10:20] Ryan: metamorphosis?

[10:20] Zode:

[10:20] Ryan: actually
[10:20] Ryan: metal.
[10:20] Ryan: lulz

[10:20] Zode: not metal
[10:20] Zode:

[10:20] Ryan: it's the most common word
[10:20] Ryan: that starts with "meta"

[10:20] Zode:

[10:20] Ryan: im not clicking that :(

[10:20] Zode: theirs nothing there
[10:20] Zode: its free for the taking

[10:21] Ryan:
[10:21] Ryan: with a big banner that says clickhere
[10:21] Ryan: nobody would get past the home page
[10:21] Ryan: they would be trapped there forever
[10:21] Ryan: clicking.

[10:21] Zode: Meatmorphosis (Noun/Verb) Synonyms: Death - meaning: The process of becoming meat; to experience the human beings
transformation from a living entity to muscle, bone, and meat.

[10:21] Ryan: :)
[10:21] Ryan: :(
[10:21] Ryan: :<

[10:21] Zode: what you think of that eh?

[10:21] Ryan: ne!
[10:23] Ryan: i have plenty of time to think about it
[10:23] Ryan: there is no need to rush
[10:23] Ryan: Rush & Treble
[10:23] Ryan: MM & Bass

[10:23] Zode:

[10:24] Ryan: I like it.

[10:24] Zode: damned squatter website
[10:24] Zode: gr
[10:24] Zode: stupid parked domains

[10:24] Ryan: is available

[10:24] Zode: ooh
[10:24] Zode: what about etank

[10:25] Ryan: taken
[10:25] Ryan: is for sale, 4,300 EURO
[10:25] Ryan: i want a name like xkcd
[10:25] Ryan: meaningless, yet memorable, and fun to say

[10:26] Zode:
[10:26] Zode:
[10:26] Zode: WTF
[10:26] Zode:
[10:26] Zode: redirects to
[10:26] Zode:
[10:26] Zode: O_O

[10:26] Ryan: ROFL
[10:26] Ryan: they have their bases covered

[10:26] Zode: V_V

[10:27] Ryan: imagine some surgeon out there
[10:27] Ryan: saying to himself

[10:27] Zode: what do they call those things?

[10:27] Ryan: "I need some new tools, some sort of... brain slicer."

[10:27] Zode: that tool i use to slice brains?

[10:27] Ryan: im lawling
[10:27] Ryan: i dont know why
[10:27] Ryan: it's strangely funny to envision

[10:27] Zode: Stainless Steel Rat Brain Slicer Matrix with 0.5mm (500 micron) coronal section slice intervals
Regular price: $525.00
Sale price: $450.00
[10:27] Zode: =[

[10:27] Ryan: "We nee more... brain slicers!"

[10:27] Zode: :(
[10:28] Zode: Free, Brain Slicers dot com!

[10:28] Ryan: i sell heartslicers too.
[10:28] Ryan: no i
[10:28] Ryan: they
[10:28] Ryan: wrong pronoun.
[10:29] Ryan: is available

[10:30] Zode: Thats a big website.
[10:30] Zode: the dash entire dash universe dot com
[10:30] Zode: doesnt have a ring to it.

[10:30] Ryan: no.
[10:30] Ryan: it doesn't.

[10:30] Zode:

[10:30] Ryan: but im surprised it isn't aken

[10:30] Zode:
[10:31] Zode: I'm suprised it isn't
[10:31] Zode: Akon
[10:31] Zode: (queue picture of Akon)

[10:31] Ryan: brushyourteeth is taken

[10:31] Zode: ROFL
[10:31] Zode:
[10:31] Zode:
[10:31] Zode:
[10:31] Zode:
[10:32] Zode:

[10:32] Ryan: kiwilyrics
[10:32] Ryan: isn't that
[10:32] Ryan: a page adam made

[10:32] Zode: no
[10:32] Zode: a page chris made
[10:32] Zode: a lyrics compiler website
[10:32] Zode: made with a script
[10:32] Zode: ended up selling it to an investment compnay
[10:32] Zode: for like $2000
[10:32] Zode: gave me like $250
[10:32] Zode: since i came up with the name KiwiLyrics

[10:32] Ryan: yes
[10:32] Ryan: Chris
[10:32] Ryan: why ot
[10:32] Ryan: wikilyrics
[10:33] Ryan:

[10:33] Zode: errr
[10:33] Zode: wtf
[10:33] Zode: not taken?
[10:33] Zode: why isn't there
[10:33] Zode: a lyrics wiki?
[10:37] Zode:

[10:37] Ryan:
[10:37] Ryan: taken :(

[10:38] Zode: not taken:
[10:38] Zode:
[10:38] Zode: also not taken
[10:38] Zode:

[10:38] Ryan: did you hear
[10:39] Ryan: in the new MGS game Solid Snack is friends with Octagon

[10:39] Zode: uhh
[10:39] Zode: lol
[10:39] Zode:

[10:39] Ryan: o_o

[10:40] Zode: not taken:
[10:40] Zode:

[10:40] Ryan: i want a cool sounding nonsense name

[10:41] Zode: taken sadly

[10:41] Ryan: that has an appropriate sound to it

[10:41] Zode: mm

[10:41] Ryan: like kotaku

[10:41] Zode: how about

[10:41] Ryan: gizmodo

[10:41] Zode:

[10:41] Ryan: arstechnica
[10:41] Ryan: xkcd

[10:41] Zode: joystiq

[10:41] Ryan: yes
[10:41] Ryan: exactly

[10:41] Zode:

[10:41] Ryan: :(
[10:41] Ryan:
[10:42] Ryan: wat
[10:42] Ryan: it's taken
[10:42] Ryan: seriously

[10:42] Zode: how about

[10:42] Ryan: You have been eaten by a Grue.

[10:42] Zode:

[10:42] Ryan: You were killed by a Night Gaunt
[10:42] Ryan: bqpd is dumb
[10:42] Ryan: qdbp is superior!
[10:42] Ryan: also skub.

[10:43] Zode: y
[10:43] Zode:
[10:43] Zode: taken

[10:43] Ryan:

[10:43] Zode: uhh
[10:43] Zode:
[10:43] Zode: NOT TAKEN
[10:43] Zode: OWNAGE

[10:43] Ryan: rofl
[10:44] Ryan: already registered

[10:44] Zode: :o
[10:44] Zode: 9001 is better
[10:44] Zode: cuz
[10:44] Zode: its
[10:44] Zode: > 9k

[10:44] Ryan: also already registered
[10:44] Ryan: lol

[10:44] Zode:
[10:45] Zode: parked ;(
[10:45] Zode: lol

[10:45] Ryan: i should make my domain
[10:45] Ryan: the same string of numbers as my server ip
[10:45] Ryan: without the dots in between.
[10:48] Ryan: SHOWER TIMe
[10:48] Ryan: not a crime

[10:50] Zode: it is a crime
[10:54] *** "Zode" signed off at Wed Jul 02 10:54:20 2008.
Session Close (Zode): Wed Jul 02 11:52:20 2008