Ryan: hay how are you

Zode: hi
Zode: how are you

Ryan: i still feel very fat and huge
Ryan: from 2 hamburgers and hotdog
Ryan: and doritos
Ryan: i also had
Ryan: a slurpee
Ryan: mt dew blue shock
Ryan: and a piece of cake
Ryan: what was i thinking

Zode: i dont know

Ryan: they weren't small hamburgers

Zode: i'm trying to lose weight, i'm sooo super fat

Ryan: they were home grilled

Zode: yesterday i had a slimfast bar, a pineapple cup, and a handful of unsalted almonds
Zode: tahts all i had all day
Zode: until evening
Zode: when i had nachos bellgrande
Zode: a supreme taco
Zode: and mountain dew
Zode: LOL!
Zode: but still
Zode: that should only be like, 1600 calories total

Ryan: have you seen in the news recently

Zode: which is like, realy good for someone trying to lose weight
Zode: also i ran a mile and a half on the treadmill yesteday
Zode: what in the news

Ryan: the SHOCKING revelation that High Fructose Corn Syrup could contribute to obesity?
Ryan: WHAT?! Concentrated sugar causes weight gain?! I had NO idea
Ryan: well
Ryan: you are a big guy anyway
Ryan: in general
Ryan: so 1600 calories for you
Ryan: is like 800 calories for the typical girl trying to diet

Zode: I know.
Zode: lol.
Zode: I could have 2500 and maintain
Zode: i could lose weight with 2000

Ryan: exactly
Ryan: bodybuilders
Ryan: need like 5000 a day

Zode: so i probably had 1000 calories on that pig out taco bell fest

Ryan: being big makes a huge difference
Ryan: and muscles too

Zode: i have some muscles a little
Zode: more then i used to

Ryan: im angry at my hair
Ryan: it's at that horrible stage where it's in my eyes and face all the time
Ryan: and I keep telling jessica I either want it long again so it's not in my face
Ryan: or short so it's not in my face
Ryan: and she said "how about you grow it until it gets out of your face and then cut it so it's out of your face
Ryan: and I was like
Ryan: "but if I do that over and over then 75% of the time it will be growing in my face. That makes no sense :("
Ryan: i dont know whether i should have long viking anime hair
Ryan: or
Ryan: short suave christian bale hair
Ryan: problem is
Ryan: short hair requires cutting fairly frequently
Ryan: and that costs money

Zode: really
Zode: really frequently

Ryan: and long hair requires more shampoo
Ryan: which also costs money

Zode: ahir has diminshing returns on growing
Zode: if your hair is half an inch
Zode: it will DOUBLE

Ryan: agreed

Zode: if it is 6 inches
Zode: wel then half an inch
Zode: is barely noticeable
Zode: thats the problem with growing your hair out
Zode: it gets really boring
Zode: latero n
Zode: just as it was exciting at first

Ryan: well
Ryan: i dont mind it being boring
Ryan: the only thing I don't like about long hair

Zode: my hair is longer now
Zode: in the front it reaches down
Zode: below my mouth

Ryan: is that you are always worried about getting shit tangled up in it

Zode: and taps my chin
Zode: on the sides its over my ears

Ryan: my hair now

Zode: in the back its down my neck

Ryan: is the same as it was when I was like 16
Ryan: which i hate
Ryan: it looks nice
Ryan: and girlfriend loves it

Zode: haha

Ryan: but it's directly in my eyes

Zode: yeah
Zode: i know what you mean
Zode: how long is it in front
Zode: if you pulled it taut

Ryan: if i pull it then it goes to the bottom of my nose

Zode: ooh
Zode: thatn mines actually a little longer

Ryan: but it generally sits at the top of my cheeks, right under the eyes

Zode: yeah
Zode: yo uhave to move it out of the way
Zode: what alot of guys do is
Zode: just get a headband

Ryan: exactly

Zode: to hold it back

Ryan: yes but

Zode: exactly

Ryan: I am not bruce lee

Zode: no no

Ryan: nor am I a single mother
Ryan: at the gym
Ryan: i like thte ponytail length
Ryan: provides great versatility
Ryan: and ponytail is easy to take on and off

Zode: yeah

Ryan: Need to keep the hair in check? Apply ponytail, takes 3 seconds.

Zode: eaxctly!

Ryan: Want to look cool or relax? Remove ponytail. Takes 0.5 seconds.
Ryan: but many people
Ryan: dislike that length of hair on males
Ryan: it's quite a quandary
Ryan: i generally don't care what other people think o fmy hair
Ryan: but some
Ryan: such as Jessica
Ryan: Deans

Zode: i've stopped caring

Ryan: Employers
Ryan: etc.
Ryan: are important

Zode: i've just let it grow
Zode: no matter how stupid it looks

Ryan: well

Zode: Lapin really likes it though

Ryan: that's what I want to do

Zode: how it is now
Zode: longer

Ryan: I want to just be like
Ryan: "I never really HAVE to cut my hair..."
Ryan: so long as I wash it it looks fine

Zode: yup

Ryan: but certain people
Ryan: want me to cut it
Ryan: but i dont want to pay
Ryan: sometimes
Ryan: i get other people to pay for haircuts for me
Ryan: but inevitably
Ryan: i must endure the Hair In Eyes problem

Zode: so put it back
Zode: or to the sides
Zode: or behind your ear

Ryan: it isn't long enough yet for behind the ear
Ryan: not quite
Ryan: headband

Zode: http://webzoom.freewebs.com/fashionandstyle1/where%20jessica%20headband.JPG

Ryan: might be a good idea
Ryan: roflmao
Ryan: i think
Ryan: the $44 jessica simpson model
Ryan: may not be what i need :O)
Ryan: problem with headband
Ryan: is finding one
Ryan: and way to wear it
Ryan: withotu looking like a hippy, a douchebag, or a guy from the 70's in general
Ryan: the samurai headband / solid snake style might work
Ryan: i could get
Ryan: a US flag headband
Ryan: :9
Ryan: ?OR
Ryan: a texas flag rofl

Zode: LOL
Zode: ok
Zode: read this thread
Zode: http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=8557208197&sid=1&pageNo=1

Ryan: i like your style of self-deprecation followed by "and even the lowly Vainlgory is greater than ye!"
Ryan: It is a fresh new style of trolling that is difficult to combat.
Ryan: "Look at me, a worthless worm, the likes of which no self-respecting raid leader would bring on board. The type of despicable ruffian that only the most desperate of adventurers place trust or faith in. I, the most famous of the infamous, he hated by the most hated, the parasite of this server, yes even I must look down upon you. For although the teeming masses have almost universally deemed me unworthy, I am still more popular than you. NOW YOU CANNOT ARGUE WITH ME BECAUSE I JUST MADE MYSELF LOOK LIKE SHIT IN ADVANCE AND THEN SAID THAT YOU ARE ~WORSE~ THAN SHIT LOLOLOL YOU CANT WIN"

Zode: Yup
Zode: it's really good tactic!
Zode: and it's true because
Zode: i'm not raiding now
Zode: but i have champion of the naaru
Zode: and hand of a'dal
Zode: because i did the attunements
Zode: they aren't evena ttune
Zode: attuned
Zode: for the instances whose easy bosses
Zode: they are killing
Zode: then they brag abouti t
Zode: retards
Zode: I made a new post
Zode: on zode.org
Zode: did you see?

Ryan: http://www.zode.org
Ryan: for some reason
Ryan: blogger has been running slowly lately

Zode: hm.
Zode: odd.

Ryan: reading

Zode: you havent updated since the 28th :-/

Ryan: indeed.
Ryan: i only post when I have worthy links
Ryan: your post
Ryan: is thoughtful and intriguing
Ryan: you should design

Zode: :D
Zode: yeah i was seriously thinking that
Zode: as i was sitting in the driveway
Zode: too lazy to go back inside
Zode: after i moved the car so lapin could get out
Zode: it seems to be such an effective
Zode: yet antiquated
Zode: set of controls

Ryan: i've personally
Ryan: always thought that instead of a gear shift

Zode: they have only improved the safety and aesthetics of the automobile: not the functionality?
Ryan: we should have a throttle control there
Ryan: like
Ryan: airplane style throttle control
Ryan: instead of stupid accelerator
Ryan: it would be
Ryan: built-in cruise control

Zode: i like that idea

Ryan: your feet would be free

Zode: makes sense
Zode: why do people use feet
Zode: so much more prone
Zode: to mistakes?
Zode: accidentaly hitting the wrong pedal
Zode: or applying too much pressure

Ryan: yes

Zode: disaster

Ryan: i like the idea
Ryan: of having a brake pedal at your feet
Ryan: but why ONLY your feet?

Zode: yes

Ryan: it is a panic button

Zode: brake pedal there is good

Ryan: there hsould be multiple brakes
Ryan: steering wheel
Ryan: what should it be
Ryan: instead of a steering wheel?
Ryan: you need to be able to make the minor adjustments that a wheel allows for
Ryan: but there must be a better way

Zode: i'm thinking
Zode: but the wheel seems ok
Zode: it provides alot of
Zode: tactile
Zode: feedback

Ryan: indeed

Zode: i wonder

Ryan: i was thinking

Zode: if they wouldnt have put the wheel in the center
Zode: havent they done that before?

Ryan: i think
Ryan: originally
Ryan: yes
Ryan: i was thinking though
Ryan: instead of wheel
Ryan: you could have a stick


Ryan: again

Zode: like a plane

Ryan: like airplane
Ryan: but
Ryan: in the neutral position
Ryan: it is very insensitive

Zode: yes

Ryan: for minor adjustments
Ryan: and you push it forward or soemthing
Ryan: to get the serious turning action
Ryan: or
Ryan: maybe a button on top
Ryan: so normally
Ryan: you can barely move it
Ryan: without exerting a lot of strength
Ryan: so you make minor adjustments
Ryan: but then you hold the button at the top
Ryan: and it stops resisting
Ryan: adn you can freely turn as needed
Ryan: such a system
Ryan: would have to be tweaked a lot
Ryan: to work properly
Ryan: but it interests me
Ryan: it would work better in europe
Ryan: because it would be more intuitive to have the stick in your right hand
Ryan: and throttle in the left
Ryan: and you normally stop
Ryan: by just throttling down smoothly
Ryan: but
Ryan: in a dangerous situation
Ryan: you can slam on the brake pedal
Ryan: and the throttle would automatically cease
Ryan: and apply optimal braking for the quickest possible stop

Zode: what about
Zode: the computer
Zode: navigation
Zode: they have done tests

Ryan: they have already made
Ryan: yes

Zode: with the things inthe road
Zode: yup

Ryan: autopilot cars
Ryan: but
Ryan: it requires putting magnets and such in the road

Zode: with sensors

Ryan: very expensive

Zode: for detecting cars in front and back
Zode: yes yes BUT
Zode: wha about..
Zode: substitutitng GPS
Zode: for the magnets?
Zode: it would have your location
Zode: and destination
Zode: my gps already does that
Zode: but the car would use its sensors
Zode: to keep you on the road
Zode: on your path
Zode: at a safe speed

Ryan: that would be cool but

Zode: if GPS became disabled
Zode: it would give you a warning
Zode: and stop

Ryan: our technology is not that good yet

Zode: to let you take over
Zode: its getting there
Zode: good idea right?

Ryan: yes
Ryan: im sure thta will happen eventually
Ryan: but

Zode: i'm sure it wont

Ryan: we have to improve our sensor technology

Zode: due to the car companies

Ryan: to ensure it is safe

Zode: didnt i come up with the name
Zode: dreadgoat
Zode: lol

Ryan: yes

Zode: sounds like it should be a fake parody

Ryan: i came up with goat

Zode: black metal band
Zode: right?
Zode: lol

Ryan: yes
Ryan: that is why i liked it


Ryan: it is evil and dark


Ryan: but in a ridiculous way
Ryan: like metalocalypse

Zode: yes
Zode: Dethwysh

Ryan: Dreadgoat

Zode: hmm
Zode: i really should get
Zode: virusinstaller.com
Zode: that was such a good idea

Ryan: i think
Ryan: the best idea
Ryan: would be to register virusinstaller.com
Ryan: and then register a lot of innocent sounding URL's
Ryan: and have them all redirect to VirusInstaller.com

Zode: haha
Zode: HAHA

Ryan: and virusinstaller.com

Zode: ROFL

Ryan: just has an animated gif


Ryan: yes

Zode: yes
Zode: ROFL
Zode: omg
Zode: haha
Zode: thats sooo good idea

Ryan: "You've been virus rolled!"

Zode: HAHA

Ryan: omfg
Ryan: omfg
Ryan: put
Ryan: ads
Ryan: on virusinstaller
Ryan: and then invite people
Ryan: to redirect their innocent sounding sites
Ryan: and tinyURL's
Ryan: to virusinstaller
Ryan: you will make money
Ryan: and then give me some of it
Ryan: for coming up with the idea.

Zode: uhh
Zode: woulnd that make us
Zode: spammers?
Zode: and we'd have to find 3rd party advertisers

Ryan: no

Zode: illicit ones
Zode: advertisers wouldnt stasnd for that

Ryan: well
Ryan: many of them
Ryan: would be against it
Ryan: but im sure
Ryan: we could get ads from the likes of
Ryan: and NORTON
Ryan: and AVG
Ryan: LOL

Zode: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zode: I will use
Zode: that 10 year old
Zode: animated gif
Zode: of a police siren


Zode: thats a great idea
Zode: i will use that picture
Zode: of a men at work sign
Zode: with a guy digging

Ryan: rofl

Zode: I will also have a gif of a skull smoking a cigarette
Zode: with his finger beckoning
Zode: and a row of blood dripping
Zode: and some animated gif torches

Ryan: yes

Zode: WEB 1.0 FTW BABY

Ryan: make it ridiculous

Zode: :D

Ryan: so that people who understand
Ryan: find it funny

Zode: you remember web 1.0?

Ryan: yes

Zode: lol

Ryan: my highschool website
Ryan: was made by a staff member
Ryan: who was one of those old guys
Ryan: who jumped on the web bandwagon
Ryan: and it's totally web 1.0

Zode: like

Ryan: the entire site

Zode: i searched the web
Zode: via

Ryan: was made in frontpage

Zode: before i found out about YAHOO and ALTAVISTA
Zode: and EXCITE

Ryan: i used HOTBOT and LYCOS

Zode: and all kinds of ways to find inappropriate images
Zode: i was obsessed
Zode: with "images galleries"
Zode: and "shrines"
Zode: to characters from Darkstalkers
Zode: and Sailor Moon

Ryan: yes
Ryan: i frequented
Ryan: a lot of sialor moon shrines :(

Zode: no one makes shrines anymore :(
Zode: oh
Zode: and when i was into anime and stuff
Zode: when i was like 15 or something
Zode: i liked furries too
Zode: i was mad that like
Zode: half the furry sites were gay
Zode: i just wanted fox, cat, and bunny girls
Zode: hahaha

Ryan: im looking at
Ryan: a lot of WEB 1.0 sites
Ryan: im checking out sailor venus shrines
Ryan: rofl
Ryan: having flashbacks
Ryan: im at
Ryan: the layout of this site
Ryan: is hilariously old
Ryan: last update

Zode: HAHA

Ryan: 06.11.98

Zode: freakin awesome
Zode: so awesome
Zode: 10 years old

Ryan: do you want link?
Ryan: it's worksafe
Ryan: i checked

Zode: no thanks
Zode: i used to like
Zode: cutepet.org
Zode: and young wang's website

Ryan: it was anipike.com
Ryan: im browsing anipike

Zode: haha

Ryan: and most of the websites are 404
Ryan: it's very sad.

Zode: Godzilla vs Megalon
Zode: on top of the WTC
Zode: is priceless.
Zode: http://www.godzilla.stopklatka.pl/godz-pl/megal2.jpg
Zode: i want that
Zode: as a full size poster
Zode: to go in my room
Zode: thats insanely sacriliegious
Zode: to patriots now
Zode: and amazingly hilarious and epic win
Zode: how is that not on /b/
Zode: 24/7

Ryan: wow

Zode: godzilla
Zode: fighting a giant cockroach
Zode: on top of the wtc..

Ryan: some of these sites
Ryan: i think i vaguely remember
Ryan: but
Ryan: most of them dont work anymore

Zode: uhh
Zode: lets do a series
Zode: of finding
Zode: and reviewing
Zode: web 1.0
Zode: sites?

Ryan: indeed :O
Ryan: i wonder what we will think
Ryan: when web 3.0 happens

Zode: Web 1.0 was defined by HTML, Linking, Searching, Webrings, and Animated Gifs


Zode: Web 2.0 is defined by user-generated content, interactivity, and ?????
Zode: Web 3.0 = ???

Ryan: databases
Ryan: i agree
Ryan: web 1.0 was about the site creator
Ryan: putting things up
Ryan: and creating content
Ryan: like a TV show
Ryan: and web 2.0 is about the audience participating
Ryan: nad having a more streamlined experience

Zode: agreed

Ryan: i like all of these sites

Zode: consumerist is based on the comments

Ryan: that have horrible design choices

Zode: blogs are defined by the number of comments they get
Zode: forums
Zode: myspace
Zode: facebook
Zode: youtube

Ryan: like a frame with a scroll bar for the news int he middle of the page
Zode: users interacting with each other
Zode: through the site
Zode: web 1.0 was
Zode: users making their own sites
Zode: and linking to each other
Zode: and providing things
Zode: content
Zode: text
Zode: stories
Zode: pictures
Zode: for their visitors

Ryan: web 1.0
Ryan: was a community
Ryan: of developers
Ryan: and web 2.0

Zode: yes

Ryan: is a community
Ryan: of consumers

Zode: I'm sure we're just repeating someone elses work
Zode: which is in a book
Zode: somewhere
Zode: but we sure are smart
Zode: for thinking of it ourselves, too.

Ryan: damn straight
Ryan: if the wheel was invented first by a guy in china
Ryan: does thta make him smarter thant he guy who invented it 3 weeks later in france?
Ryan: no
Ryan: it just makes him fashionably late.

Zode: HAHA

Ryan: zap.to/mywesbite
Ryan: come.to/mywebsite
Ryan: remember that

Zode: ok

Ryan: hamster dance
Ryan: the world's first meme

Zode: what is that anyway
Zode: HAHA
Zode: dancingbaby
Zode: HAahoahoAHoahOAHo
Zode: stupid shit pissed me off

Ryan: dancing baby
Ryan: was awful

Zode: hamster dance was dumb too
Zode: imho
Zode: i hated it at the time
Zode: i went to the page
Zode: and was like
Zode: whats the point
Zode: its the same gif spammed
Zode: took forever to load
Zode: it impressed stupid people
Zode: v_v

Ryan: yes
Ryan: forever to load
Ryan: especially on
Ryan: 28.8 kbps
Ryan: i found a site just now
Ryan: that is "cureently being revamped"
Ryan: and will "finish construction soon"
Ryan: last update in may 2000
Ryan: rofl

Zode: http://www.tulane.edu/~cid/under-construction_icon.jpg
Zode: :D
Zode: so
Zode: yeah
Zode: you should udpate
Zode: your flog
Zode: our readers
Zode: are waiting

Ryan: :/
Ryan: i have nothing righ tnow
Ryan: i've felt awful
Ryan: all day
Ryan: started with headache
Ryan: and stomache is upset now

Zode: so blog about that
Zode: or about what we talked about

Ryan: perhaps
Ryan: this has been an entertaining conversation
Ryan: I could do What Is A Zode part 2
Ryan: i would edit it this time though
Ryan: highlights etc.

Zode: sure
Zode: you could have some of the parts about web 1.0
Zode: and the stuff talking about cars
Zode: and everytyhing else!